Can I use the server's shared IP to point my domain name?

You should not point your domain name to the server's shared IP via a A record.


Why shouldn't I do it?


  • If the server IP has been changed and your site is still pointing to now-invalid old IP, we are unable to automatically apply that change when you do not use our nameservers
  • If do not have a dedicated IP, we have no obligation to notify about IP changes to you in advance. But typically we notify this via email, please check your emails for a server maintenance notification to locate the new IP

NOTE: In addition to that, you will be disqualified from opening a downtime ticket if your domain name does not point to our nameservers. If there is a complex issue (E.g.: Mail delivery failure, redirection issue, etc.), we will ask you to set your nameservers to us in order to assist you.


When I should point my domain directly to a A record?


You may point your domain name to a IP address by using a A record if,

  • You do not use hosting service provided by us OR
  • You have purchased a dedicated IP for your hosting package with us
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